Search Help

Type in a word or combination of words (a query) to the 'Find:' textbox and hit 'Search'.

All search queries are treated as an exact phrase search, meaning that if you intend to search for 'Nelson Public Library' those words must appear in the KCRD in that exact order.

If you wish to search for words located anywhere within the KCRD in no particular order you can use the and operator. For example, to search for 'Nelson Public Library' with all of the words existing in the name or description in any order, you would enter: Nelson and Public and Library.

A search using or between terms will match either one of the terms. For example, to search for a museum with either a Nelson or mining focus you would enter: museum and Nelson or mining.

To exclude terms from your search, use not. To search for all listings about religion that do not contain the word 'Christianity', for example, you would enter: religion not Christianity.

case sensitivity
Searches are case-insensitive.